Patella / Quadriceps Tendon Rupture

By Dr Daniel Meyerkort, Knee Surgeon, Perth Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Centre

Patella or quads tendon ruptures are rare. It is most commonly associated with excess force generation in a tendon that has age related wear and tear (tendinopathy). Most commonly this injury is seen in weight lifters. Rarely partial tear injuries can be treated without surgery. Full thickness tears require surgical fixation in order to regain quadriceps power and function.

Surgical repair of the Patella / Quadriceps Tendon

An incision is made over the ruptured tendon and the tendon is stitched with a super strong suture. Generally the suture is passed through drill tunnels in the patella to securely fix the tendon to the patella bone. Occasionally the suture repair may be augmented with a hamstring tendon graft. In general patients can fully weight bear after surgery but must limit knee bending to allow for successful healing.