Posterolateral Corner Injury – Physiotherapy

By Dr Daniel Meyerkort, Knee Surgeon, Perth Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Centre

Overview of Posterolateral Corner Injury

The posterolateral corner describes the ligaments around the outside (lateral side) and behind the knee. The structures most commonly injured are the LCL / PCL ligament and the popliteus tendon. Low grade injury (sprain or partial tear) is common from sporting knee injury. Most low grade sprains of the posterolateral corner can be managed effectively with knee bracing (hinged knee brace) progressing to Physiotherapy for range of motion and muscle strengthening.

High grade posterolateral corner injury involves complete ligament rupture, often associated with true knee dislocation. This is most often associated with high energy injuries such as motor vehicle accidents. Surgical reconstruction is required to optimise long term knee function.