Dr Daniel Meyerkort, Perth Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine

Acute ACL Injury is seen every Friday – Priority MRI & Telehealth Available

Dr Daniel Meyerkort is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who specializes in ACL reconstruction and other sports-related injuries. He practices at Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine, located in Albany. Through Telehealth options, patients in Albany can have consultations with Dr Meyerkort without having to travel to Perth.

To access surgical reconstruction for an ACL injury with Dr Meyerkort, patients can schedule a consultation through Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine. During the consultation, Dr Meyerkort will evaluate the patient’s injury and recommend the appropriate treatment plan, which may include physiotherapy or surgical reconstruction.

An ACL injury, short for anterior cruciate ligament injury, is a common injury that affects athletes and individuals who participate in high-impact sports. The ACL is a ligament that connects the thigh bone to the shinbone and provides stability to the knee joint. When the ACL is torn or sprained, it can cause pain, swelling, and instability in the knee.

Physiotherapy is a common treatment option for ACL injuries, especially for those who do not require surgery. Physiotherapy focuses on strengthening the muscles around the knee joint, improving flexibility, and reducing inflammation. The goal of physiotherapy is to improve the function of the knee joint and reduce the risk of further injury.

In some cases, surgical reconstruction may be necessary to repair a torn ACL. During this procedure, a surgeon will replace the damaged ligament with a new one, either from the patient’s own body or from a donor. After surgery, physiotherapy is typically recommended to help patients regain strength and flexibility in the knee.

In summary, an ACL injury can be a painful and debilitating injury, but with the right treatment and rehabilitation, patients can regain their mobility and return to their favourite sports and activities. With the expertise of Dr Daniel Meyerkort and the Telehealth options available, patients in Albany can access surgical reconstruction for their ACL injury without having to travel far from home.