No Gap Knee Replacement – Details on Fees & Costs

20Dr Daniel Meyerkort realises that patients are seeking value from their private health insurance and as such is a no gap provider for your knee replacement surgery with all major health funds. This means no surgical excess fee when you undergo surgery. Certain fees and costs may still apply. Details can be found here.

Clinic Consult Fees

An initial consult fee is $220.00, with a Medicare rebate of $76.80 (out of pocket cost $143.20). A follow up consult fee is $120.00, with a Medicare rebate of $38.60 (out of pocket cost $91.40).

Radiology Tests (X-RAY, CT, MRI)

All commonly used radiology tests such as X ray, CT, ultrasound and MRI are bulk billed through SKG. A gap may apply to non standard tests, such a bone scans.

Blood Tests / ECG

A fee may apply for blood tests and ECG testing before surgery.

Hospital Admission

Depending on your level of private insurance, an excess fee payable to the hospital may apply for your admission

Surgical Fees

Dr Daniel Meyerkort is a ‘no gap’ provider with all major health funds. No excess fees apply for your surgery. 

Anaesthetic Fees

Most Anaesthetists charge a gap fee, this will be quoted prior to your surgery. For most health funds, this is less than $500.00

Physiotherapy / Rehab

Physiotherapy is essential both before and after knee replacement surgery to minimise your risks and maximise the benefit from surgery. Fees may apply depending on your level of private health insurance and your chosen physiotherapist.